Candid photograph of two police officers standing in front of a shopfront in San Francisco circa 2018.

"Cops" (2018)

Photographed in San Francisco

Collage of religious hymns cut into strips and glued together on a rectangular piece of cardboard. Earth is painted in oil pastels. There are 4 representative symbols in each corner: a police officer, a man frightened by his shadow, a woman frightened by a ghost, an empty intersection in a city. Oil pastels, found images, collage, and wheat paste on cardboard.

"Didn't Deserve This Kind Of Death" (2020)

Oil pastels, found images, collage, and wheat paste on cardboard

An erased painting of light green, red, black, white paint splatters, mod podge, newspaper, and magazine pages.

"Something Tells Me It's All Happening At The Zoo" (2021)

Mixed media (oil, pastel, mod podge, newspaper, magazine pages) on linen

"Window" (2022)

Acrylic and mod podge on canvas.

"Acid Rain" (2020)

Mixed media (acrylic, found images, magazine pages, newspaper, glue) on found canvas.

"Carquinez Strait" (2022)

Acrylic painting on canvas board.

"Lifesaver" (2022)

Acrylic painting on canvas.

"French Bulldog" (2020)

Mixed media (acrylic, mod podge, glue, magazine pages, newspaper, oil tubes) on found canvas (a picture of a french bulldog). Used pallete knives and a heat gun.


"Semiotics" (2020)


. .

Reykjavík, Iceland

Photographs 2015

A photograph taken in Coronado, CA, of an empty plaza with green astro turf, lounge chairs, and ocean beach.

Hotel Coronado (2019)

Photographed in Coronado, CA


Collage, found images, magazine pages glued to cardboard.

(untitled) (2020)

Acylic and ink on collage, found images, magazine pages glued to cardboard.

Deutsch (2020)

Ink on collage and found images stapled to cardboard.

San Francisco

Photographs c. 2010-2019.


Photographs 2019-2020.

Donut Wheel (2015)

Photographed in Livermore, CA.

"GAUCHERIES #1" (2012)

Photos, collages, poetry, and prose. /19

"GAUCHERIES #2" (2013)

Two short stories and some poetry. /27

"GAUCHERIES #3" (2014)

Prose, poetry, and photos. /30

"GAUCHERIES #3.5" (2015)

Five poems. Printed for San Diego Zine Fest. /10

"GAUCHERIES #4" (2015)

Photos and poetry. /15


Submission-based zine based on the eponymous theme of internet-people.

I advertised on Facebook and Tumblr at the time, and published about 15 pieces by people from around the world, all of whom, I believe, received a copy.


"GAUCHERIES #5" (2016)

Prose, photos, poetry, fiction, and more written by myself and various friends at the time.

"GAUCHERIES #6" (2017)

Poetry and photos.

"GAUCHERIES #7" (2018)

Poems and prose.

Picture of the author standing in front of a brick wall.

gaucheries means "awkward, embarrassing, or unsophisticated ways; clumsiness; a lack of tact."